My Podcast Project

My Proposed Project!

Title: The Interview Exchange

Main objective: During the quarter, each student will create record part of a required interview with an expert in a field of the student’s choice.

Level: Advanced

Class type: adults (college)

Aim: Share insights with classmates and create an aural/oral record of the interview experience

Activity focus: listening-speaking
Time: Max 3 minutes

Material: Internet recorder/Computer/mobile device with access to Internet / Headphones/release forms


1.Teacher tells students they will record at least two questions from the interview they will do using Podomatic or another recorder (prior approval required)

2. Student signs up to Podomatic or Vocaroo.

3. Teacher shows participants how to record using Podomatic and Vocaroo.

4. Teacher supplies a language template to include introduction of the interview, the questions and an ending

5. Teacher shows how to add music to the beginning and end of the recording

6. Teacher identifies a go-to person to help with technical issues (class techs)

7. Teacher shows how where to upload the file (Blackboard or Dropbox)

8. Student chooses at least one classmate’s recording to listens to and to write comments or questions on the class blog.

9. Students evaluate their own recording using a rubric.

10. Teacher evaluates the recording of each student using a rubric.

a. Teacher has student fill out release forms for the activity prior to beginning it, if required.

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